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The "Whole Person" Approach

Misalignment between strategy and people is the beginning of employee disengagement. It's the foundational reason people leave or stop being inspired with their work, and it's costing us billions per year.

Cost of disengaged mid-level employee: $25,000

Design a complete strategy to engage and develop your people for success.

Cost to replace mid-level employee: $29,300

Don’t guess: Know the best fit for each role based on data. 

Average time to hire a new employee: 45 days

Reduce time to hire by 67% and increase the accuracy of your hiring team.

Data-driven solution:

The Predictive Index is the leader in talent optimization that empowers entire organizations to align their people strategy with business strategy for optimal business results.

Our method is unique: big picture without being complicated, enabling complete tailored people strategies for every client.

Create actionable values to promote high-performance culture.

Make decisions with predictive analytics and data-driven insights. 

Engage the whole person: personality, values and experience.

Getting Started is as Easy as...

Collaborate to Determine Needs

Dialogue about your unique business and the opportunities in your organization.

Implement Tailored Solutions

Decide on the best solutions for your organization based on the impact to your people

Hands-on Training and Support

Tailored depending on the unique needs of your people and organization.